4-H Record Book Forms

Here are a few resources that all 4-H members can benefit from! At any time, you may contact our office at 920-232-1974 to have copies printed of any of the below materials. This includes having your record book cover printed on green cardstock paper.

The documents below are for our 4-H members who are currently in Cloverbuds, which are all Kindergarten through 2nd grade members. No additional project pages need to be filled out for Cloverbud members.

Cloverbud Record Book Word Doc
Cloverbud Record Book PDF

The document below will be only the front and back cover of your record book. You may ask the UW-Extension office to have these printed for you on green cardstock paper.

Record Book – Covers (front & back) PDF

The documents below include front and back cover, as well as the inside pages that include table of contents, goals, 4-H story, and comments pages. These pages are required when books are reviewed for “Outstanding” recognition. (Please note that there are blank pages in this document to allow for printing pages back-to-back)

Record Book – Main Pages (including front & back covers) Word Doc

Record Book – Main Pages (including front & back covers) PDF

Below is where you can find your project forms for your 4-H Record Book. Choose your file(s) and save to your computer before you start filling them out. The Record Keeping Guidelines document will help you set up your record book in a clear, easy-to-follow manner: Record Keeping Guidelines (PDF). Each club may choose to rank their 4-H members books in accordance with their club’s expectations. Top books from each club will go on for county recognition. These books must be turned into the UWEX office by Friday, September 30, or brought with to Outstanding Record Book Reading on Sunday, October 2. “Record Keeping Guidelines” will provide a foundation for readers to use when reviewing books. The “Top 10” Outstanding Record Books are selected based on these guidelines: Top 10 Rank Form. Record books are an excellent reminder of the lessons and skills learned throughout 4-H and serve as positive 4-H memories in years to come! Please contact our office if you see an issue with the forms.


Adventures Word Doc                     Adventures PDF

Aerospace Word Doc                       Aerospace PDF

Arts & Crafts Word Doc                  Arts-Crafts PDF

Beef Word Doc                                 Beef PDF

Cat Word Doc                                   Cat PDF

Child Development Word Doc        Child-Development PDF

Clothing Word Doc                          Clothing PDF

Communications Word Doc           Communications PDF

Computer Word Doc                       Computer PDF

Consumer Savvy Word Doc          Consumer-Savvy PDF

Crops Word Doc                              Crops PDF

Dairy Word Doc                               Dairy PDF

Dog Word Doc                                 Dog PDF

Electricity Word Doc                       Electricity PDF

Entrepeneurship Word Doc           Entrepeneurship PDF

Entomology Word Doc

Exotic Animals Word Doc                    Exotic-Animals PDF

Exploring Word Doc                             Exploring PDF

Flowers & Vegetables Word Doc         Flowers-Vegetables PDF

Food & Nutrition- Food Preservation Word Doc      Food-Nutrition-Food-Preservation PDF

Geospatial Word Doc                            Geospatial PDF

Goat Word Doc                                        Goat PDF

Health Word Doc                                      Health PDF

Home Environment Word Doc               Home-Environment PDF

Horse-Pony Word Doc                           Horse-Pony PDF

Horseless Horse Word Doc                  Horseless-Horse PDF

House Plants Word Doc                        House-Plants PDF

Knitting-Crocheting Word Doc             Knitting-Crocheting PDF

Model Horse Word Doc                          Model-Horse PDF

Music Word Doc                                      Music PDF

Other Domestic Animal Word Doc

Personal Finance Word Doc                  Personal-Finance PDF

Pet Word Doc                                           Pet PDF

Photography Word Doc                         Photography PDF

Plant Craft Word Doc                             Plant-Craft PDF

Poultry Word Doc                                   Poultry PDF

Rabbit Word Doc                                    Rabbit PDF

Robotics Word Doc                               Robotics PDF

Scale Model Word Doc                         Scale-Model PDF

Science-Discovery Word Doc              Science Discovery Fillable PDF

Self-Determined Word Doc                  Self-Determined PDF

Sheep Word Doc                                   Sheep PDF

Shooting Sports Word Doc                Shooting-Sports PDF

Small Engines Word Doc                   Small-Engines PDF

Swine Word Doc                                  Swine PDF

Theatre Arts Word Doc                      Theatre-Arts PDF

Tractor Word Doc                               Tractor PDF

Veterinary Science Word Doc           Veterinary-Science PDF

Woodworking Word Doc                  Woodworking PDF

Workforce Readiness Word Doc         Workforce-Readiness PDF

Youth Leadership Word Doc                Youth-Leadership PDF


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