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  • Local Government and Finance Education -Each Fall, UW-Extension’s Local Government Center puts on  local finance workshops for town and village officials. 

The Local Government Center’s WisLine Distance Education series can be found on the LGC website at: http://lgc.uwex.edu//WisLines/index.html
Wisline Series Topics include:
      –Conducting Local Elections
      –Current Issues Affecting Local Government Officials
      –Local Land Use Planning, and Zoning
      — Board of Review Training

 Local Government News from UW-Extension’s “Local Call” blog

  • Charging Fees for Public Record Requests of Electronic Records
    Providing the public with information is an essential function of local government. But complying with public records requests take time and money. To provide some balance to this conundrum, the Wisconsin Public Records Law allows an authority to charge certain fees for complying with a records request. An authority may impose a fee for the […]
  • Coping with Your Local Road Weight Issues at Fall Workshop
    What if our town does not have large agricultural haulers?  Is there anything in The Fall Workshop for our Board? “There sure is,” says Steve Pudloski of the UW Madison Transpiration Information Center.  “All communities must cope with heavily loaded vehicles, be they log hauling, manure hauling, sand and gravel trucks, construction equipment, garbage trucks […]
  • 2014 Fall Town Village Workshops Starting Soon
    What can local governments do about large agricultural equipment damage to their roads?  What does Roberts Rules say about meeting by phone or over the Internet?  And what about levy limits, or preparing the DOR Form C? Find out about these topics and more at the Fall Town & Village Workshops in September 2014.  Presented […]

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