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Local Government

Local Government Education
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  • Local Government and Finance Education -Each Fall, UW-Extension’s Local Government Center puts on  local finance workshops for town and village officials. 

WisLine for 2010-2011 Topics and registration brochures for all of the Local Government Center’s WisLine series can be found on the LGC website at:
Wisline Series Topics include:
      –Conducting Local Elections
      –Current Issues Affecting Local Government Officials
      –Local Land Use Planning, and Zoning

Local Government News from UW-Extension

  • Regulating the Rocket’s Red Glare
    Local Governments receive many questions about fireworks, and especially during the July 4 holiday.  The Local Government Center has identified these online resources to help answer questions.  Click the titles to connect to the information source.  And Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July! Wisconsin Department of Justice Fireworks Law Clarification State Ba […]
  • 2014 Board of Review Training Returns
    Local Government Center Board of Review Training with certification from Department of Revenue returns April and May 2014.  Training is available in more than one format. The a basic program is an update of the dial-in WisLine Teleconference.  A DVD for continuing board members is being offered at a one-time program on April 30 at […]
  • New Fact Sheet Helps with Electronic Meeting Questions
    The Local Government Center routinely receives questions about an official wanting to participate in a meeting by phone or conducting a complete meeting by teleconference.  Winter brings a lot of these inquiries when hazardous travel or absent “snowbirds” give rise to the desire or need for an official or several to participate in a meeting […]

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