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Winnebago County Comprehensive Plan

Winnebago County Comprehensive Plan (Adopted March 21, 2006)

PDF Icon 01 Acknowledgements and Table of Contents
PDF Icon 02 Table of Maps and Figures
PDF Icon 03 Introduction
PDF Icon 04 II Issues and Opportunities
PDF Icon 05 III Social and Economic Activities
PDF Icon 06 IV Environmental Resources
PDF Icon 07 V Land Use
PDF Icon 08 Future Town, Village and City Land Use Maps

VI – Transportation Plan Element

PDF Icon 17 Intergovernmental Coordination and Implementation
PDF Icon 18 Appendix Part1-Tables
PDF Icon 19 Appendix Part2-5
PDF Icon 20 Appendix Part 6
PDF Icon 21 Appendix Maps

PDF IconChapter 22 – Comprehensive Plan Adoption Ordinance  (March 21, 2006)
PDF Icon Plan Amendment Flowchart-July05 

Comprehensive Planning Resources

U. S. Census Bureau
UWEX Center for Land Use Education
WI Department of Administration – Comprehensive Planning resources

Comprehensive Planning Publications by UW-Extension:

Preparing for the Comprehensive Planning Process (G3747) (6 pages, 80 KB)
Required Elements of a Local Comprehensive Plan (G3749) (4 pages, 84 KB)
Key Points About Wisconsin’s New Comprehensive Planning and “Smart Growth” Law (G3750) (2 pages, 48 KB)
Hiring a Planning Consultant:  A Guide to Preparing a Request for Proposals (G3751) (8 pages, 150 KB)
Using Visioning in a Comprehensive Planning Process (G3752) (6 pages, 100 KB)