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Forms and Applications

Enrollment Instructions and Project Guide

To enroll in 4HOnline you need a computer, internet access, a valid e-mail address, and a web browser. You can enroll from a home computer or from a public access computer, such as those available at your local library.Follow the instructions for Enrolling in 4HOnline as a NEW family in Winnebago County. For more information visit our How to Join page.

Instructions for Enrolling in 4HOnline (pdf, 5 pages)

2013-2014 Winnebago County Enrollment Guide (pdf, 28 pages)

2013-2014 Winnebago County UW-Extension Youth Expectations

 4-H Food Service Permit

INSTRUCTIONS: When filling out the food permit, save a copy to your desktop, than fill out your information and save again. Email that file you saved on your computer to the email address listed on the PDF

Food Service Guidelines 2012   (PDF 7 pages)

Food Service Permit fillable (Fill-able PDF 1 Page)

Record Book Forms

Record Book Forms (link to list of all downloadable forms)

Forms and Resources for 4-H Clubs

4-H Charter Resources 

2013-2014 4-H Charter Instruction Letter (pdf, 1 page)

4-H Charter Renewal  *(pdf, 6 pages)

Charter Completion Guide *(MS Word, 2 pages)

Fact Sheet about Audits (pdf, 2 pages)

Audit Checklist* (pdf, 2 pages)

* documents must be turned into the UW-Extension Office on the 4th Monday of October.

4-H Charter Application (pdf, 8 pages) for new 4-H clubs and groups

4-H Constitution Template (MS Word, 4 pages)

4-H Literature Information

Current Member- Literature List (pdf, 6 pages)

Current Leader- Literature List (pdf, 2 pages)

Past Member- Literature List (pdf, 3 pages)

Past Leader- Literature List (pdf, 1 page)

4-H Club Officer Resources


Your Role as Secretary- (Word, 2 pages)

Record Cover- (Word, 4 pages)

Roll Call Sheet- (Word, 2 pages)

Club Meeting Minutes Template- (Word, 2 pages)


Treasurer Cover- ( Word, 4 pages)

Record of Club Finances- (Word, 2 pages)

Monthly Treasurer Report Form- (Word, 1 page)

Checkbook Balancing Form- (PDF, 1 page)

Reimbursement/Payment Form- (Word, 1 page)

Miscellaneous Forms

Moolah Report Fillable Form

4-H Email Request Form (PDF, 1 page)- email to

4-H Email Request Form Fillable  (Save to your desktop before filling out) Email to:   

Meat Animal Board Event Attendance Card (Word, 1 page)

Winnebago County UWEX “Care to Share Form”  (PDF, 2 pages)