4-H Clubs

4-H clubs have five or more youth who are supported by 4-H leaders. 4-H members, elected by their peers to officer roles, conduct club meetings.

4-H club meetings include: getting to know other members, youth making decisions about activities, planning and doing community service projects, sharing ideas, recreation and having fun.

4-H is for the whole family where youth and adults come together to learn new things, meet new friends and have fun. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate and attend meetings with their children. Adults help by volunteering time and sharing talents. For example: driving members to activities, supporting project learning, chaperoning and being a positive role model.

Feel free to contact any club or the Extension office to find out more!

To register online and become a 4-H Member, visit 4HOnline

Please check with the contact person before attending a meeting to confirm dates, time, and location of meetings.

Want to see a snapshot of each club and get in touch with the leaders?

Click to open the 4-H Club Charts (Updated 10/2016)


4-H Club Calendar


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