4-H Leaders Assn. Board of Directors


Kay Lettau Co-President, Exec Comm
Stephany Beck Co-President, Exec Comm
Linda Koon Vice President
Ashlynn Numrich Secretary
Patsy Beck Exec Comm
Jane Cowling Finance Comm
Steve Eichman Finance Comm
Samantha Erickson
Amy Jo Domke
Brianna Domke
Nancy Harrity Irvine  Exec Comm
Mark Kunde Exec Comm, Finance Comm
Gerry Marks  Exec Comm
Jessie Piper

Ex-Officio Member

Jill Petersen 4-H Co-Treasurer
Leslie Reinke 4-H Co-Treasurer


BOD Members 2015
2014-2015 4-H Leaders Assn. Calendar
2015 All Committees
Constitution 4-H Leaders Assn Approved Oct 2014
4-H Award List
4H Committee Meeting Template

Meeting Information


BOD Agenda 8-18-15 PDF
BOD Agenda 8-18-15 DOC
Memorial Policies


BOD Agenda 7-28-15
BOD Agenda 7-28-15 (doc)
Statement of Financial Income Expense June 2015
Balance Sheet June 2015


BOD Agenda 6-16-15a Word Doc
BOD Agenda 6-16-15a PDF
May Minutes  PDF

*Due to technical problems the minutes will be available at the meeting.

All County Meeting- May 27

All Cty Agenda 5-27-15 (PDF)
All Cty Agenda 5-27-15 (Doc)
All Cty Minutes 1-27-15


BOD Agenda 5-19-15 (PDF)
BOD Agenda 5-19-15 (DOC)
Dipper Committee 20 April 2015 rev 1


BOD Agenda 4-21-15 PDF
BOD Agenda 4-21-15 Word Doc


BOD Agenda 3-17-15 Word Doc
BOD Agenda 3-17-15 PDF
BOD-Minutes-2-17 PDF


BOD Agenda 2-17 DOC
BOD Agenda 2-17 PDF
January Minutes
4H Dipper Committee Meeting 2 2 15
Constitution 4-H Leaders Assn Approved Oct 2014

January All County Meeting

All County Meeting Agenda 1-27-15
August All County Meeting Minutes 8-26-14

January 2015

BOD Agenda 1-20-15 PDF
BOD Agenda 1-20-15 DOC
BOD Minutes 11-18-14 PDF
2015 All Committees PDF
2015 All Committees DOC
2015 Board Members PDF
2015 Board Members DOC
2014-2015 Schedule Winn Cty Leaders PDF
2014-2015 Schedule Winn Cty Leaders DOC
4-H Committee Meeting Template PDF
4-H Committee Meeting Template DOC

November 2014

BOD Agenda 11-18-14
Constitution 4-H Leaders Assn Approved Oct 2014

2015 All Committees
October Minutes

October 2014

2014-2015 4-H Leaders Assn. Calendar
BOD October Agenda
September Minutes

September 2014

September Agenda 9.16.2014 (PDF)
September Agenda 9.16.2014  (Word Doc)
August Minutes 8 19 14
Finance Committee 8-14-26
Finance Committee 9-10-14
Dipper Minutes 8.21.14

August 2014

July-Minutes-7 15 14
August Agenda 8.19.14
proposed family agreement 8 2014
Annual listing of RECIPIENTS

All County Meeting

All County Meeting 8-26-14

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