WI 4-H International Exchange = Global Citizens

Critical for the success in the 21st century workforce is the knowledge and understanding of other countries, cultures, and languages (U.S. Department of Education, 2012).  International exchange programs for youth have the potential to contribute to this most important need by providing authentic experiences for youth that promote the development of culturally aware, global citizens (Arnold, 2014).  Wisconsin 4-H is offering that very experience and opportunity for over 50 families this summer! Young people, ages 12-15, from Japan and Korea are looking forward to learning more about 4-H and families in America.

Youth will be coming to Wisconsin, July 22nd through August 19th to participate in a home stay experience.  Special trips and tourism are not required to host a delegate, just open hearts and open minds. The young people participating in the exchange are hoping to become a member of a family and build connections and understanding that will last a lifetime.

Delegates are encouraged to engage and participate in all family and community activities.  Camp is a great opportunity for delegates and their hosts to enjoy together and camp fees will be reimbursed as part of program fees.  It’s easy to host…trips to the grocery store, chores, 4-H meetings and even a game of cards are activities that will be new and different! Treat this young person as you would treat your own child. The only requirements are that the delegate have their own bed, three meals a day and has adult supervision.

For more information and to complete the online application, please visit https://www.states4hexchange.org/. The world is waiting for YOU to explore!  If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact Lilly Buchholz, WI 4-H International Programs Summer Inbound Coordinator, at 608.262.2491 or wi4hinternational@ces.uwex.edu .

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